The rink

My dad was awesome in so many ways. I miss him so very much. Often times I will find myself deep in thought, memories flashing through my mind like a film reel.. I get angry that time has just kept on. I mean, that’s just the way it goes and I understand that.

It’s cruel, though. To lose someone so very important and so deeply loved, to have my world thrown upside down like that, and yet being forced to keep going. I didn’t WANT to keep going. I wanted my dad.


When I was three or four, my dad built an ice rink in the back yard for me. My sister used to take me ice skating and I loved it. So, he built me a rink. When it was done and frozen over, my mom bundled me up and off I went. I got on the ice, and froze. Literally froze in fear. Of what? I cannot remember. I just remember not being able to move, paralyzed with fear. It was ridiculous, to be honest. My dad stood there, hand extended towards me, and I would not move.

He was understandably upset.

I remember all of that. I just don’t remember why I was scared to move.

It is the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks, “If you could go back and change something, what would it be?”





I have been thinking a lot lately about my earliest memories. My mom tells me that there is no way that I can remember certain events, because I was too young.

I assure you though, that I certainly remember the time I was trying to climb up on the back of Roberta’s (my mother’s friend) car, and my foot slipped. My mouth connected solidly with the bumper. There are no pictures of the event to remind me. It gave me my first fat lip! Β The pain I felt was reminder enough. I was barely 3.

I remember when the kids next door would not let me help them build their igloo in the snow. They complained that I was too little, and I’d just “mess it up!” I was so sad. I just wanted to play with them. I wanted to help. They shunned me, repeatedly. So, I went back inside, and I waited. I waited until they went inside.

Then, I had my mom bundle me all up, and I went outside, and I climbed the fence between our yard, and the neighbors.

I then did my 3-year-old version of the Nestea plunge ( Google it!) off of the fence and into the top of their precious igloo. Afterwards, I calmly walked back into my house, fully prepared to face whatever the consequences were. I got a scolding about how what I did was not nice. I stood my ground that they had it coming!

I remember being in my bed at night (I loved my comfy bed, with my soft Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets….) and being scared of the random shadows that moved across the wall (headlights from passing cars), and also being scared of the weird horn-thing that I would sometimes hear. Once my dad explained that Β it was only a car going by, and the foghorn out in the bay making that noise, all was well in my world again.

I remember when we had termites. I was sitting on the floor, watching something like Merv Griffin, or The Price is Right, when I noticed that our shag carpet was MOVING. My mother freaking freaked out. Again, I was barely 3.

I remember Christmas morning, when I was four. I got a green Playskool desk with a chalkboard too. I loved it. My dad got the Pong video game console. We had so much fun with that! I still have it. πŸ™‚

I remember my pool, digging under the fence to get to my friend Blanche, and the Forsythia bush beside the house, that was infested with ants. I hid in it while playing hide and seek, and ended up covered in ants. Thank God they weren’t fire ants. 😳

All these little bits of my life help make me, well… ME. These are things I wish people would share. ☺️






I miss blogging. I have for a very long time. I tend to blather on and on over on FB, and that is apparently frowned upon.

So I have decided, again, to dust this place off.

It won’t be a ‘niche’ blog, because I have lots I want to blog about, not just one specific thing.

I was never popular back in the blogging heyday, even though lots of people told me they enjoyed my stories and posts.

I won’t be popular this time around either. The difference is that this time, I don’t care. I’m going to get out what I need to get out.

I DO hope that someone, somewhere, can relate. Or maybe feel less alone, or maybe they just chuckle and smile and go about their day.

I have attempted to blog daily in the past, only to fail miserably. I am going to try, one more time. I am hoping not to fail this time.

We shall see…


Day 83

Slacker. That’s me. Lol.

I’m craving roasted beets. There is clearly something wrong with me. Hah! I’ll be picking some up today while out running errands. Gonna have lunch out with the momma. I plan to have a big salad and then stop by a local cafe for a cappuccino. 

It’s rainy and chilly here. Lots of chirpy birds this morning. It’s time to bring out the patio furniture. Coffee on the porch, while wrapped in a blanket, would have been awesome this morning. 

I have a lot to do today. Then later, it’s game night with friends. 

Hoping tomorrow to take a trip down memory lane with the family. Gonna take a ride to PA, and hopefully see an old friend …  

I’m feeling very grateful this morning. I am not letting gray skies and rain dampen my mood. I’m too fortunate and too loved to be a sourpuss. 


Day 59

While I have largely pissed away the last 58 days, I’m still trying.

I ate well today. I started my day with a Shakeology with spinach and almond milk. I had a late breakfast/early lunch of an omelet with peppers and onions, and ham and rye. I should have foregone the rye. Dammit, I love bread. :/

I got in 8 oz of a kombucha drink I bought to try. I’ve had a swimming pool’s worth of water lol. I really needed to get in some fruit, but after a dinner of a large salad with hard boiled eggs and a cup of beef bone broth, I’m stuffed!

I’m happy with my choices today. 😁

Day 58

I rocked today. Just sayin’…  😬

Hoping I can do the same tomorrow. πŸ‘πŸ»

I’m TRYING to go gluten free. I found gluten free croutons. Yay!

My salad for lunch was delish.

My dinner was even better!

It’s chicken, bacon, sweet potatoes, apples, onion, and Brussels all cooked in a skillet, seasoned with garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Amazing!!

I also got in 96 oz water. 😳


Day 41

A yummy lunch!!

A big salad, with gluten free croutons. And a small glass of kefir. 
Sitting here enjoying the meal with my mom. 

It’s so cold out today. We have lots of snow. I had wanted to go take pics, but I can’t seem to warm up! Ugh. 

While our winter has been ridiculously mild, I’m anxious for a warm up. I want to get my raised garden beds built!  

I think after lunch, I’m going to read for awhile under a heavy comforter in hopes that I can once again feel my fingers and toes! 

Have a great day!