Day 14

One thing the 21 Day Fix is forcing me to do, is to eat more veggies. I’m not one of those folks that can just sit and eat a raw pepper and raw broccoli. Yuck. Most of my veggies have to be grilled, baked, or whatever…

Last night for dinner, my mom seasoned some broccoli and tossed it with breadcrumbs and cheese. Not a lot, mind you, just enough to spruce it up a bit. Holy crap, it was SO DELISH. 

I had the rest of it with my eggs this morning.

It pleases me to no end to have a way to have some yummy veggies with breakfast. Between this, kale, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, I’ve got it covered.

Now, there is a potential problem with this… Folks with a thyroid condition, like myself, are supposed to limit cruciferous veggies. They are only to be eaten cooked (no problem there) and only once in awhile. I’m eating them daily. *sigh* I cannot win, I swear. 

This leaves me in a bit of a dilemma, as most other veggies I don’t like. Actually, it really pisses me off, if I’m going to be totally honest.  


Day 13

I did 2 miles on the bike, quickly, as I was pressed for time. I spent some time with the momma outside, and some time with the kidlet discussing the floods that happened here in WV recently. I cleaned the kitchen, and after my ride took a shower and headed out to meet up with my bestie and her family to watch our towns local 4th parade. It was a good time!

Came home and put the camper up since kidlet and bff wanted to slee out there. I’m about to go join them. 

I know I’ve not been at it long, and I think this goes hand in hand with the absence of bloat, but my lower legs are looking better. No swelling, no cankles, my legs are taking shape. This brings me joy. 

I’ve been doing this upper arm work out that supposedly sculpts your arms from shoulder to wrist. We shall see. My arms are grossly huge.. But I am hoping that once the weight is gone, I’ll have some killer stuff making itself seen. :) 

I ate well today. I’m out of a lot of vegetables, so it’s off to the store tomorrow for what I need. I also need to do 5 miles tomorrow. No excuses.  

Day 12

We spent the day at a fabulous little park in the campground that we recently camped at. We went with my bff, so that our kidlet could hang with her bff, and the bff’s siblings. We had a really great time. I ate well. The only thing I had that I shouldn’t have had was a Gatorade. 

Here is M (in red) and bff, collecting salamanders.

We were there all day and I got a wee sunburn. Upon arriving home, I crashed and took a 2 hour nap. Ugh. And then an hour later, I went to bed.

No exercise.  :(

Day 11

Wow. I just was NOT hungry today. At all. I had a hard boiled egg and a strip of bacon. I had 2 cups of fruit blended with ice and water for a smoothie, and I made a big Cobb Salad for dinner. 

My legs are SO SORE from yesterday. It’s been a real wake up call to see (feel) how out of shape I am. Ugh. 

I AM getting on the bike here in a bit, I’m just not sure how far I’ll be able to go. I need to do my upper body work out too. 

Something else of note.. The overwhelming fatigue that I often experienced is all but gone. My inability to sleep at night is gone. I go to bed, I fall asleep quickly. And I sleep ALL NIGHT. It’s been amazing. So, I’m guessing it was not eating the way I should that was causing it. It IS a symptom of PCOS and Hashimoto’s, both of which I’m plagued with. I have cut waaaay back on anything with gluten in it. I’m eating WAY more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. 

I really cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!! 

Day 10

So, I had to take the hubby to a follow up dental appointment. After I ate a yummy breakfast… We drove 1.5 hours for an appointment that lasted about 5 minutes. 

So… We were about 47 miles from where I lived when I was 11/12. I went by there back in 1995, and it was like going back in time. Everything was the same. It was SO WEIRD.

So, I suggested we do a drive by. Hubby agreed, so off we went. I find it funny that, for the most part, I remembered how to get there from all those years ago being a passenger with nothing to do but look out the window. 

When we turned on the street, I honestly couldn’t choose an emotion. I wanted to cry because of all the memories that came flooding back. I was shocked at how different it all was. Then, I was just confused and in a state of disbelief. I slowed way down and said, “What? That’s the house. Wait. No.. No.. It’s too small. Omg. Did they knock it down and build another? No. There are the living room windows.. And the dining room. And look! That was my bedroom, and my parents room. And.. Wow. I’m so confused!” Haha. That all came tumbling out in about 2 seconds. 

I’m gonna dig out old pics tomorrow (or maybe tonight) to compare. Because seriously, that house looked TINY. It wasn’t tiny when I lived in it. I know that our perception as children is different, but I honestly cannot wrap my head around it!! 

Then, we stopped at Sideling Hill, a cut blasted through a 350 million year old mountain to make way for I-68. 

“Why?” You ask? My hubby is a geologist, and it’s a 350 million year old anticline that’s visible in a beautiful way. (Our mutual love of geology still burns hot. Lol) Most are unimpressed at the wall of rock. We totally geeked out. 

The stairs up to the view looked like a NO, because I have a stupid, arthritic knee that doesn’t play well with others. I ignored the knee and quickly made my way to the top. I broke a good sweat. I am now regretting that decision. No bike tonight. I cannot risk injury. 

I did do a core work out, that ensures that all of me shall hurt tomorrow, and I did my upper body again, even though I have arms that feel like Hulk Hogan’s arms today. 

I also ate a cheeseburger. I got a Diet Coke and couldn’t drink it. Icky. (WHUT??) 

I couldn’t wait to get home and drink some water. The cheeseburger also made me have to hit a rest stop to crap my brains out. Nothing but honesty here, folks.

I’ve felt so gross, that I’ve not had anything else to eat. Some day, hopefully, I will learn. Until then, I do stupid and I suffer accordingly. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I’ve got this. 

Day 9

Ugh. Not a good day. I didn’t have breakfast. I simply wasn’t hungry. Then I had a good lunch of turkey, lettuce and tomato on 1 slice of whole wheat bread and some peaches.  

Then we went for a ride to take my kidlet to a local place she likes. We ended up eating there since it was getting late. I had a cheeseburger and a small fry.:/

I still cannot beat the temptation. 

Getting on the bike here Ina few… I wanna do 5 miles tonight.  Then shower and bed. Have to take the man to a dentist appointment tomorrow.. It’s an hour and a half away. I will eat a good lunch and take a protein smoothie and fruit with me! 



*edited again

I need somewhere to keep track, so here it is..

15 push-ups

Bicep curls – 12 x 3

Lateral raises – 12 x 3

Triceps kickbacks – 12 x 3 

15 squats 

Day 8

Scrubbing spots on the carpet, vigorously, is exercise, right? I’ve certainly worked up a sweat. This damned dog… If he doesn’t stop pissing on stuff …. (Insert angry Yosemite Sam growl here ) 

He’s housebroken. He goes to the door when he’s gotta go. This marking territory bullshit is really making me mad! How the heck do I get him to stop? He’s sneaky. We’ve yet to catch him! Bastard.

Anyway, official weigh in and measure.. Down 3.5 lbs and lost an inch off of my waist and 1/2 inch off of my hips. I didn’t measure anything else.. 

In addition to biking this week, I’m adding in those 15 minute work outs I mentioned somewhere before. So, I’ll be getting 30 minutes of exercise, 3x a week, and just biking on the other days. Baby steps….

This morning I had an egg, 2 slices of bacon (supposed to be turkey bacon, but… Gross.) and 1 slice of low calorie bread, a mandarin orange and a cup of coffee. 

I’m about to finish carpet scrubbing, ride the bike, then get a shower. I’d like to spend the rest of the day outside.. It’s nice out there. 

I’ll update later…


I did a fast 3.2 miles. I wasn’t feeling it, but glad I did it.  Lunch was 2 c of lettuce, 1 c of cucumber, 1 protein (turkey breast), 1 dressing and a fruit. Dinner was a pork chop, a portion of sweet potato, a portion of cabbage, a fruit portion of home made applesauce, and 2 onion rings because I couldn’t resist. I got in my water, and had a KIND bar for a snack… Which was waaay tastier than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed it..

I may have licked the wrapper.  Just sayin’…