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“What would you like to change in your routine?”

Everything! I’d like to be able to sleep well at night like a normal person. I’d like to get up early and exercise, eat, and shower before work…

And you know what? Instead of whining about it, I’m just gonna do it. Whether I’ve had the sleep or not. Whether I feel like it or not. I need to just DO IT.

Until next time… xoxo

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“What are you struggling with at the moment?”

Finding my motivation. I often have zero energy… I NEED to exercise every day, and it hasn’t been happening. I’m really just going to have to force myself to do it. I KNOW I will feel better when I do… *sigh*

Also struggling with the ugliness I see from people. I have a friend who is 300+ pounds. She exercises every day. She’s lost 60+ pounds. She posts each day and the comments she sometimes gets make me so angry. People say things to her like, “We know you only exercise long enough to take this video.” Or “No one wants to see this…” Or “You’re disgusting.”

She doesn’t let it get her down. It just motivates her to keep going. But imagine singling out some stranger on the internet, who is trying to better themselves, and belittling them for no apparent reason? Takes a special kind of asshole, that’s for sure. And if they were standing in front me, they’d probably get a swift punch to the throat. Argh. Makes me so angry 😡 ….

It doesn’t cost a thing to say something encouraging, or nothing at all….

Until next time… xoxo

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What is your first meal of the day?

It varies. Sometimes it’s a protein smoothie with assorted fruits and veggies added. Sometimes it’s just a yogurt. Others it is full-on bacon, eggs, pancakes etc. Also love me a fried egg sammich. Mmmm.

I do tend to try to keep it light, most days. I don’t like starting off the day in a food coma. 😜

Until next time… xoxo

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“What is something that makes you smile?”

Ohhh lots of things make me smile. I love when people say to me, “Oh I heard this Mellencamp/Queen song and it made me think of you!” 🙂

I love it when my friends send me links to stuff about Freddie in hopes that I’ve not seen it before.

I love making my kid/hubby/mom/friends laugh or smile.

I love it when I surprise-pet my cats and they make the “brrrrt” sound.

I love that the sun is shining today. And the birds are chirping…

I love getting mail. Like, snail mail. Always makes me smile… 🙃

Those are just a few things that came to mind. I’m generally a happy person, and I love to laugh and smile 😀

Until next time… xoxo

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“How does your schedule look today?”

Busy. I apologize for the lack of posting, but I’ve been busy making cards on my Cricut Joy. Lol.

I am currently at Preston Memorial Hospital with the hubby. He’s getting an EKG/ECG done today. Hoping for non-scary results.

Then we are off to Morgantown, to the DMV, the BA clinic and a few other places. Thennn home to get some laundry done, and get ready for work tomorrow. I hope whatever it is you have to do today goes well and in your favor!

Until next time… xoxo

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“A list of things you like..”

Oh boy. Lol.

In no particular order…

Sunshine. Puffy clouds. Cats. Dogs. My kid’s laugh. My husband’s smile. My mother’s love. Butterflies. Lazy days on the river. The ocean. Bonfires. Camping. Time spent with friends. Music. Freddie Mercury 😬 John Mellencamp. 🥰 Sunflowers. Wild flowers in general. Riding Martha (my 4 wheeler)

Camping. Birdsong. Being barefoot. Petrichor. Old book smell. Reading. Thunderstorms. Hot showers. The starry sky. Sunrises/sunsets. Clean sheets on the bed after showering. New socks. Knitted socks. Pizza. Steak. Bacon. Fresh bread. Funny cat/dog videos on YouTube. A good debate. Deep conversation. Head bonks. Waggy tails. Hugs. Kisses. When T plays with my hair. When someone else does the laundry. 🙃

Fellowship. Staying up late. Naps. Game night with friends. Singing badly when I’m alone. My hammock. Cooking. Creating.

Ok, I guess that’s enough. 😌

Until next time… xoxo

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“Do you feel irritated today?”

No. Not at all. I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep, but I’ve much to be grateful for. Early morning alone time with hubby (we had a nice quiet breakfast together….) and then the sleep. Then some coffee with mom before hubby and kidlet were up.

It’s cold and wintery outside and I don’t have to be anywhere. I’m baking, having more coffee, doing laundry, and making some greeting cards later.

I’ve nothing to be irritated about on this day. 🙂

Until next time… xoxo

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“Three things that bring you joy?”

My family, more often than not lol. We laugh a lot around here. Some times it is at each other, some times it is at ourselves… there’s a lot of love up in here, and with that comes joy.

Spring. I love Spring! The Earth’s rebirth from a long, cold winter. I love having coffee on the porch with my mom, listening to the birds, and planting things… even though what I plant usually doesn’t do well, lol. I love chilly spring mornings and cool spring evenings. I love getting out on my ATV and feeling the wind in my face. Aaaahhh, joy!!

Seeing others succeed, or reach goals always brings my heart immense joy! As much as I claim to “hate people”, lol, it is really only the negative ones that bother me. They are reminders to myself to leave the negative behind. I struggle with that some times!!

What brings you joy?

Until next time… xoxo

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“What is your favorite movie of all time?”

Okay, I simply cannot choose just one. But a few that I really love, for various reasons, are as follows ….

The Abyss, Contact, Twister, Pure Country, Hellboy, History of the World Part One, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Patch of Blue, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cool Hand Luke, The Lion King, and The Breakfast Club.

Told yah I couldn’t just pick one. Lol! I have lots of movies I love.. but those above I will watch over and over and never tire of… there are more, but I had already gotten out of control.. haha.

Until next time… xoxo

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“Who do you miss most in your life?”

My dad. Oh, I miss him so very much. I miss the way his face would light up when I’d walk into the house. I miss his laugh. I miss the way he’d give my mom shit. Lol. I miss his hugs, and his constant pleas for me to watch Tremors with him. We’d cry every single time we’d watch Contact or the Abyss together. He LOVED Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s very hard without him.

One of the toughest parts, is how much my mom misses him too. 😔

Until next time… xoxo