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Ok.. it ain’t all that important… but… the new blog is up and functional. I’ve migrated all the posts from here, to there.

I have a friend who is going to tweak a few things for me when he gets a chance… the first being that my header image is the right size if you’re viewing this on a computer. Right now, it’s all squished in the left corner. That is so it renders correctly on phones and tablets.

The second part being the ugly gray box next to each post. That’s a place holder for an image. I’m not gonna have an image for every post. So, I’ve asked my friend to make the image white, so you don’t see it, there will just be a space there.

As I go on and figure out where I wanna take this, I may put in the effort to provide a photo for each post.

I also want to change up some of the fonts, but holy smokes… I’ve gone damned near crazy tonight trying to figure that shit out. Back in the day, it was SO EASY. I used to redesign my site for holidays and shit because it was so easy. This crap has me wanting my mommy. Times have changed, yo.

I have lots I want to add to the site. I am hoping I can do so without breaking it.

Anyway, thank you so so much, all 3 of you lol, for following along here. I sure would love for you to head on over to and continue on with me. It should be easier to comment, so PLEASE, comment! I’d love to see your answers to some of my questions!

Thanks again… until next time!!


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“What did you want to be when you grew up?”

A drummer in a rock band. For real. Lol

After I let go of that little pipe dream, I really never settled on any one thing. I didn’t feel passionate about anything other than caring for animals or the elderly. And I had jobs that did both. I wasn’t cut out for them. I’m too emotional. You need to be able to detach or it will drive you into the ground.

So, I went with computers. Building them, fixing them, running/setting up networks. That burnt me out fast. Not what I was doing, but where I worked. Corporate America was not for me! People were more concerned with who had what office and whether or not they had a window than they were about their actual job. Ugh….

That led to me learning/getting a job doing web stuffs. I did that for a while, then left that when T and I decided to have a baby.

In hindsight, I wish I’d had the chops to stick with veterinary stuffs. *sigh*

Until next time … xoxo

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“What technological device could you not live without?”

My phone.

Seriously. It’s practically another appendage. I know that isn’t a good thing. But.. it is what it is! Lol.

Take my phone, and face my wrath.. just sayin’…

Until next time … xoxo

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“If you had a talk show, who would be your first guest?”

David Letterman.

I didn’t even have to think about that. I love Letterman and I miss watching him SO MUCH.

T and I used to watch him back in 2000/2001 pretty religiously. Oh we had so many laughs! We still quote certain things from the show.. like Allen’s “meoooow” hahahaa. You won’t get that unless you watched.. so many good memories laughing along with Letterman. We loved his Top Ten lists..

I guess I’d just like to have him as my guest to say “Thanks”, for the laughs and the memories….

Until next time … xoxo

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“What was your first job?”

I had a paper route for a year or so. Then, when I turned 15, I got a job at a local coffee shop. I hated it at first. But… it grew on me. I came to really enjoy our customers. I had quite a few favorites. Most of them are gone now, as that was like a hundred years ago.

I dream sometimes about trying to get a job there now, because I miss it so much. Some times, my old boss is still there. That’s bittersweet, as he died several years ago. Other times, it is all new people and I always name drop Joe ( boss man) in hopes it gets me the job.

That was all so long ago. I’m feeling really old right now. Ugh. Lol.

Until next time … xoxo

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“Where are you happiest?”

Generally? Outside. Whether it is here, or in Florida, or when I lived in Massachusetts.

Outside, with my people. On the river, around a campsite, or a bonfire, on the beach, or on the porch, wherever!

Where are YOU happiest?

Until next time … xoxo

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“What are your favorite smells?”

T, M, and my mom. Does that sound creepy? Lol

Also, petrichor (that after-the-rain smell), biblichor (the smell of old books), the beach, fresh baked bread/toast, my current favorite lotion (Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon), patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, (or as hubby calls it… “dirty hippie” LOL), newborn babies, my Dragon’s Blood Incense, fresh brewed coffee, Earl Grey Tea, anything being BBQ’d, and anything my mom bakes/cooks!

Man. I can’t keep anything simple. Haha…

Until next time … xoxo

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“Who is someone you’ve lost?”

I’ve lost lots to death.

I’ve lost friends and family to arguments, ignorance, and misunderstandings.

Those are tough, too. I was friends with this one gal who just up and decided she no longer wanted to be friends. I honestly have no idea why. It may have had nothing to do with me, but it hurt and it hurt deeply. I really valued her as a friend and if I’d done something to upset her, I wanted… needed an opportunity to apologize.

She wouldn’t respond to any of my attempts to contact her. I had no choice but to let it go. But it hurt. It made me quite sad. I wonder about her often, and I hope she’s doing well. She really helped to change my way of thinking on various subjects. She was there for me in some very dark and difficult moments. She was a light in my life, and it pains me that she may not know that.

I miss her.

Until next time … xoxo

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“What was your most embarrassing moment as a child?”

It is kind of a toss up.

I was in 2nd grade. I had orange juice and oatmeal for breakfast. Got to school, and started to not feel well. Asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom because I felt like I may puke. She told me no! I turned around and puked in her empty, metal trash can. The whole class was like, “Ugghhhh!!!” all at the same time. I’ll never forget the sound it made. And how badly everyone made me feel for “being gross”… And on top of all that, my teacher was pissed off at me over it and made me go dump it and clean it out … 🤷‍♀️

Then there was that time in 3rd grade when I was sitting in math class, and all of a sudden my face got hot. Then it started to itch and burn. Everyone was looking at me funny. I was getting very uncomfortable between all the staring and how I was feeling.

My teacher asked me if I’d been in the woods lately. I answered with a yes, and she sent me to the nurse.

It was poison oak. All over my face, my neck, my hands, my arms, and my legs… They called my mom to tell her they needed to send me home. She made me walk LOL. I suffered for days.

Once back in school, several of the other kids had had it, or poison ivy, so it was no longer funny, and I actually got several apologies…

But the embarrassment of that morning at school has always stayed with me. Ugh.

Until next time … xoxo