Day 2

What a day. I ate a healthy delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, spinach and salsa, a piece of toast, and a mandarin orange. 

Then I ended up at urgent care/hospital with my kid. Three hours later, McDonalds happened. Ugh. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. 

I just did my ride. Three and a half miles in 14 minutes. I’m a little pokey, as my knee really hurts tonight. 

Tomorrow, I aim for a morning ride, a repeat of this mornings breakfast, and then since I have to take hubby to have a tooth extracted, I’ll be packing my lunch to eat while he’s in the chair. After we get home, I e got a core workout to do. 

I’m determined. I ate crap this afternoon because I was in a pinch. When I shop this week, I’ll get some things I can toss in my bag when I leave so I’m not ever in a pinch like that again. 

Tomorrow starts the 21 Day Fix, officially. Wish me luck! 


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