Day 9

Ugh. Not a good day. I didn’t have breakfast. I simply wasn’t hungry. Then I had a good lunch of turkey, lettuce and tomato on 1 slice of whole wheat bread and some peaches.  

Then we went for a ride to take my kidlet to a local place she likes. We ended up eating there since it was getting late. I had a cheeseburger and a small fry. :/

I still cannot beat the temptation. 

Getting on the bike here Ina few… I wanna do 5 miles tonight.  Then shower and bed. Have to take the man to a dentist appointment tomorrow.. It’s an hour and a half away. I will eat a good lunch and take a protein smoothie and fruit with me! 



*edited again

I need somewhere to keep track, so here it is..

15 push-ups

Bicep curls – 12 x 3

Lateral raises – 12 x 3

Triceps kickbacks – 12 x 3 

15 squats 


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