Day 11

Wow. I just was NOT hungry today. At all. I had a hard boiled egg and a strip of bacon. I had 2 cups of fruit blended with ice and water for a smoothie, and I made a big Cobb Salad for dinner. 

My legs are SO SORE from yesterday. It’s been a real wake up call to see (feel) how out of shape I am. Ugh. 

I AM getting on the bike here in a bit, I’m just not sure how far I’ll be able to go. I need to do my upper body work out too. 

Something else of note.. The overwhelming fatigue that I often experienced is all but gone. My inability to sleep at night is gone. I go to bed, I fall asleep quickly. And I sleep ALL NIGHT. It’s been amazing. So, I’m guessing it was not eating the way I should that was causing it. It IS a symptom of PCOS and Hashimoto’s, both of which I’m plagued with. I have cut waaaay back on anything with gluten in it. I’m eating WAY more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. 

I really cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!! 


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