Day 59

While I have largely pissed away the last 58 days, I’m still trying.

I ate well today. I started my day with a Shakeology with spinach and almond milk. I had a late breakfast/early lunch of an omelet with peppers and onions, and ham and rye. I should have foregone the rye. Dammit, I love bread. :/

I got in 8 oz of a kombucha drink I bought to try. I’ve had a swimming pool’s worth of water lol. I really needed to get in some fruit, but after a dinner of a large salad with hard boiled eggs and a cup of beef bone broth, I’m stuffed!

I’m happy with my choices today. 😁


Day 58

I rocked today. Just sayin’…  😬

Hoping I can do the same tomorrow. 👍🏻

I’m TRYING to go gluten free. I found gluten free croutons. Yay!

My salad for lunch was delish.

My dinner was even better!

It’s chicken, bacon, sweet potatoes, apples, onion, and Brussels all cooked in a skillet, seasoned with garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Amazing!!

I also got in 96 oz water. 😳


Day 30

My days have been better, because I wanted them to be. Working through the turmoil. Can’t sleep tonight. REALLY NEED sleep..  but here I am awake. 

Hoping to nap early, then own the day. Have a workout to do, dinner to prepare, and with all this snow, I need to get out with my camera, even if only for a little while! 

Be well. And have a day that makes your heart happy!

Day 12

Shakeology every day. Eating relatively well. I need to up my veggie intake though. No soda, except maybe twice. Lots and lots of water. I’ve cut dairy WAAAY back. I still have a slice of cheese here and there, and I’ve been having a cup of kefir daily, but that’s a drastic reduction for me. 

I’ve noticed two major changes. One is my belly bloat, it is gone. The other, is that whatever has been wrong with my face all these years, appears to be clearing up. (Think rosacea, only that’s not what it is…)

I’m very pleased with both changes. 

Off to run errands and get a few groceries, then home to do laundry and get my work out in. 

Have a fantastic day y’all!! 

Day 12

We spent the day at a fabulous little park in the campground that we recently camped at. We went with my bff, so that our kidlet could hang with her bff, and the bff’s siblings. We had a really great time. I ate well. The only thing I had that I shouldn’t have had was a Gatorade. 

Here is M (in red) and bff, collecting salamanders.

We were there all day and I got a wee sunburn. Upon arriving home, I crashed and took a 2 hour nap. Ugh. And then an hour later, I went to bed.

No exercise.  😦

Busy day.

I wish I had space to start my flowers inside before Spring. I just planted my seeds. My garden will be bare til the end of August.  :/

 I think I’ll just go buy a flat of pretty flowers and plant them and whatever grows up around them, is okay with me.

 I want a bird bath too, I think. I put out our feeder and filled the hummingbird feeder. We got a new American flag today. I also planted my tomato and pepper plants. 

The yard is mowed and trimmed. Tomorrow I’m having a yard sale, and I’m going to clean the inside of my truck too. I hope the sun is out tomorrow. I need it. I’m so glad Spring has arrived!!

Hope you have a great evening! 


It took me a very long time to accept this. We all want to be liked, right?

I was never popular in school. I remember when I started blogging, and having that yearning for acceptance within the group of bloggers that I followed and liked. Never really happened. I was never popular ever. Story of my life.

I have always had my people, though, and I am truly grateful for that. I have some great folks in my life. I carry much love and gratitude in my heart for each of those people.
I don’t crave acceptance now, except from within myself. I’m not who I want to be.

And only I can change that….