Feel good moment

I dropped the kidlet off at school this morning and was irritated before I even left the house.  Upon arriving at school, the person in front of me parked, blocking the rest of us from exiting…  She unloaded her kids and walked them to the door. It’s quite inconsiderate, as there right in front of her, is a pull-off area for that exact reason. Argh. So I watch my beasty walk into school, and the lady gets back into her vehicle and drives off. 
As I am exiting behind her, I notice this beat up old minivan and a lady unloading 3 littles and a baby…  And then I realize ….  It’s the woman I would see all the time, regardless of the weather, walking her kids to school each day, carrying the baby in it’s car seat. 

I always wanted to offer her a ride, but did not have enough room in my vehicle. I do not have any way of knowing if the vehicle is hers or not, but I assume it is. And I was SO HAPPY for her. That must make her life so much easier! 

I smiled at her as I went by. She certainly looked a lot less weary than I’d seen her in days passed. 

I smiled all the way home.  🙂


Clean eating

I really need to eat clean.  I struggle with this. I go back and forth between doing well, and then eating crap. I love pizza. And bread. And potatoes. And crackers. *sigh*

I’m not big on veggies. My favorite ones are the high carb ones. I am not much on root veggies, and things like zucchini I only like if breaded and fried or baked in bread, because I have major issues with their texture. 

I love the taste of all berries, but I have texture issues there too, so I toss ’em in my Ninja with some ice, and I’m good to go. 

I recently (finally, after years of choking them down) acquired a taste for Brussels sprouts.  I bake them and drizzle with balsamic vinegar, a sprinkle of onion and garlic powder, and a dusting of Parmesan cheese. Holy wow.  

My mom sliced cabbage into “steaks” the other day and baked them. She used balsamic as well, and some garlic.. Absolutely fabulous. I’m stoked because I’ll be having a vegetarian lunch every day next week. I’ll take pics and share recipes!

My water intake is another struggle. Some days, it goes smoothly. Other days, notsomuch.  :/ 

And if I don’t start remembering to take my vitamin D … I’m going to kick myself!! 

Also, Day 3 without Facebook and I am still doing well.  ;).  Lol

Ditching Facebook

I am approaching 2 days Facebook free. I am surprised. There has been no twitching. I’ve had loads more time on my hands. And I do not really miss it. Huh. Who’d have thought??

Now, I set it to deactivate for 7 days. When that time is up, I fully plan to check in with a few folks, and a few rescues. And respond to any PMs. Then, I’m gone again.

I’ve slacked on everything in my life. I’m depressed and have a shit ton of personal crap going on. I need to get a grip.



Remember the smell that I had mentioned, coming from my bathroom?  Ugh. Apparently, something got up under the house, and died. It got pretty bad. It is dissipating a bit more each day, for which I am so very grateful.

We had a total reprieve from that odor yesterday, because a skunk got in the garage, and sprayed! Seriously, only me, folks!

I am still looking for my motivation to stay on point with eating healthy and exercising. I keep forgetting to take my vitamin D, dammit. I’m still very tired all the time and struggling to get good, solid sleep. It gets old, let me tell yah. I had been taking Thrive supplements, but I simply cannot afford it. It definitely made a difference for me.

Tonights dinner will be relatively healthy. I am about to pop a bunch of onions and peppers into the crock, with some chicken, for fajitas later. Mmmm.

I need to get moving. I have lots of straightening up to do, as an old friend is coming to visit and will be here tomorrow evening!  Until then…….




I decided to back up the old blog, and start anew.  Too much negativity and whining. LOL.

The passworded posts are for a private Facebook group and will not be public.

That being said, I will be posting lots here, hopefully. (heard that one before, eh?) I have lots of interests that I am simply tired of procrastinating on!

Anyone use Fly Lady? I just wrote out my morning/afternoon/bedtime routines.  I also wrote out all my zones.  I have got to get a grip on my housework and I need it as streamlined as possible. We shall see if I can stick to it!

Today, I noticed a smell in my bathroom.  I cannot find the source.  First, it seemed to be the toilet, which I DO CLEAN weekly. I cleaned it. I washed my floor. I scrubbed my shower stall and tub, and I poured drain cleaner down the sink.  Still smells. I do not know what it is, or where it is coming from.  It is making me crazy.  Ugh.

For now, I popped a new scent in my Scentsy warmer, because I have laundry to do and lunch to make. So, for now, I am offa here.  😉